Friday, January 21, 2011

"Hair" today.... gone tomorrow......

I had my 2nd Chemo treatment last Wednesday, which went well.  We had a snow storm that night which closed school yesterday and today, giving me extra days to rest.  So far I've just been a little queasy off and on, I have good drugs for that...... and a little tired, nothing a nap won't take care of.

My hair started coming out Wednesday morning (day 14).  It was just several strands when I brushed my hair, but I could tell that it was different.  This morning, Friday, it was coming out by the handfuls and getting everywhere.  We decided tonight would be the night to shave it all off.  The day I have been dreading. 

This is something you never want to have to ask your husband to do for you but he was a trooper, as usual.  He promised to take me hat shopping tomorrow...... Bryan never passes up a shopping trip, haha.  The actual shaving process was surprisingly unemotional.  I think I had prepared myself pretty well.  I look at it this way... if the chemo is killing my hair, it's killing the cancer.  The look will defiantly take some getting used to. 

Here are some pictures of the new "bald" me.  I will post some more after hat shopping......  :)


  1. You are absolutely right...if Chemo is killing the's killing the cancer!! You look very cute in your hat and the Chemo sucks button - You ROCK!! And Our Rock...Our Jesus will be right there holding you up...stand firm on HIS promises! God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.
    Love ya,

  2. I love the hat, it looks really good on you. Cant wait to she pictures with your new hats you buy on your shopping trip.. I want to see how your wigs look on, have you tried them on yet? To my surprise, it didn't shock me with the bald head, its not that bad at all. But I remember Samantha's too. Love you and hope you feel good for the rest of the weekend.

  3. I love the heading on this blog haha. I wonder where I get my humor from? :P

    Remember as with anything, this too shall pass. You've been upbeat and positive thus far.

    I am digging that hat; Kind of Jamaican 'mon.

    I hope to see you next Saturday. I love you very much.

    Rest, smile, and keep posting away :D

  4. Love it, Sister! I don't have one picture with a bald head. It will be a good memory for you when you BEAT this thing! Love you...have fun shopping!

  5. You are so very brave to post the pictures! And confident. Only a very confident person would be able to do that. You've given me strength, because my day is coming soon -- very soon. Day 14 will be Thursday of this coming week. So on behalf of myself (and my poor husband who is going to do the same thing for me as your husband did for you), thank you and bless you! I sincerely love your hat, by the way. What have you got on underneath it? And where in the world did you get that cool pin? I love it because it's message expresses exactly how I feel (although, as you said, chemo is also saving my life). Dwain (my husband) also loves to shop. Aren't we lucky girls? -Megan-

  6. I love you, Connie! You are so brave, strong and BEAUTIFUL! We are praying for you.

  7. LOVE your hats!!! So precious...I wanted to ask you what you wear underneath them, too. Didn't want to ask in front of everyone in the chemo room the other day. Feel free to send me an email to: