Thursday, February 3, 2011

Treatment #3

I had my chemo treatment #3 yesterday thankfully.....I say thankfully because we are in the middle of a winter blizzard.  The clinic opened late (at 10:00 am) but Bryan got me there.  All my blood counts were perfect, praise God.  Dr. Rosenfeld asked how my appetite has been, to which I replied "I eat everything in sight".  He laughed and said that was all the steroids they are giving me.  Needless to say, I haven't lost any weight.  The snow days off school are a God send, giving me extra time to rest.  Remind me I said this when June rolls around, hahaha.  I got to meet one of my fellow blog sisters that was receiving her first treatment.....good luck Georgia, praying for you.

I have had MAJOR hot flashes this go around.  I woke up all night soaking wet, then freezing, then soaking wet.....a little nausea thrown in there.  Today I'm just tired and have slept a lot.  Good thing I'm off work and can sleep all I want.  We had to venture out again today to go get my shot to keep my blood counts up.  We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow, Sunday, Monday and next Wednesday, ugh.  Come on summer.


  1. You guys got WAY more snow than we did here in Harrison, just a hour and a half east of you. But still, we got hit. And yes, I've seen the future forecast. Please, oh please, Spring, come on. You're on chemo number three and I'm about to have chemo number two tomorrow (Friday). Dread it! And I feel for you with the MAJOR hot flashes and nausea. I hate those hot flashes. I told Dwain I might end up with pneumonia with all the hot/sweat/cold/repeat every night. This past week has been a good work week for me, so I'll say Praise God for every blessing just like that. Rest up! -Megan-

  2. It is at these times when I am soooooo GLAD I live in Florida!!!! In some ways, I always loved snowy days, but I'm scared to death to drive in it.

    I forgot about the hot flashes! All night long, blankets on, blankets off, etc. It got so bad that I began taking ice packs to bed with me. I thought it was going to last forever, but it seem to subside some as time went on. Radiation seemed to mess up my thyroid, so now I'm just always cold. But I must say, it's easier to dress warmer than it is to make yourself cooler.

    And yes, the steroids do make you hungry. I remember feeling like a preganant gal when I craved hot dogs and couldn't get enough!!!!

    Glad you are able to get some rest!!!! Are we half way through now??????

  3. We have snow here too. I don't leave the house. Don't want to fall with my 2 steel hips and a steel knee. I am glad you have these extra days to rest. But, I agree hurry up summer. It's good to hear you are eating well. Till next time, I love you Ms. Connie.


  4. HI Connie! I don't know how I've missed the last 3 posts?...It is a blessing to have the time off to rest - He knows what you need just when you need it. I love your do look very cute in them! And your boobie crack me up!
    Know you are in my prayers...may God bless you with many little things you are grateful for in your journey.
    May He be your very strength...
    Love ya,

  5. Hi Sweet Connie - it was SO GREAT for both Robert and I to meet you finally!!! :) I'm doing okay, the Neulasta shot really knocked me on my butt! Just two extremely mild bouts of nausea but my back-up meds took care of that. SO SO SO tired...all the time. Eating a bit better today, noodles in chicken broth - I smell them cooking now and can't wait!!
    Love to you my survivor sister!!!! :)

  6. Connie, I had my second chemo on Friday and I'm just today (Monday) starting to feel like a human again. Starting to. I need to find that Chemo Sucks pin like you have. It's so true! Your friend from Georgia is right, chicken broth tastes so good. Dwain's been very creative with the soups he's made for me the past several days out of chicken broth -- heavy on the broth part. I need to update my blog to say what else he found that tasted so good the days following chemo. Ready for the next round of snow over there in Bentonville? -Megan-