Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update to earlier post

I will have surgery Monday morning to have an infusion port placed for chemotheray.  They will reschedule the PET scan.


  1. I just know that the Lord led me down all these rabbit trails in blogland just to find your blog today. Two and a half years ago, in July of 2008, I was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer. I knew I had a lump there for about 7 years, felt it grow larger and larger, but had no insurance or any way to get treatment, so kept quiet and let it go. By the time I went, it was so large, breaking through the skin, etc., etc. Not too many people held out much hope for me, but God had different plans. I began to blog about it all, found an army of prayer warriors out there, and the Lord carried me through it all. I did have to have the radiation. I had the port and chemo was first, then mastectomy, then radiation. Being estrogen positive, I've been on the Arimidex now for 2 years. No sign of any cancer anywhere so far. Reading your blog today took me back to the beginning of my own journey, all my fears, anxiousness, and how it all changed my life forever. Any time you need an ear to listen, I'm here, and if you need to hear some encouragement, etc., I'm here for that, too. You are now on my prayer list and will be checking back constantly!!!!! Love you, my friend!

  2. Connie,
    I'll be lifting you up to Jesus...OUR HEALER...all the way through your journey. He has done it before, and He can do it again! Summon your power O God, show us your strength O God as you have done before! Ps. 68:28
    It was wonderful to meet you in person Sunday and HUG your neck! Keep your eyes on Jesus Connie...He keeps our lamp burning, He turns our darkness into light!
    Love ya,

  3. praying for you, for an easy road. remember you are not alone. hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year. randy is still here with me, 2 more days. i hate to see him go but we already have his next trip up here planned. :) hugs to you and yours....